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Tassie Tattie Howkers

Possums on the Roof

CD Price  $15 CSC106 cd

The long awaited CD from the Tats is now available. The CD was recorded to highlight the tunes of Tasmanian fiddler Angus Cameron. They are organised into sets suitable for dancing yet the music retains a life that makes for enjoyable listening.
The Tassie Tats include fiddlers Angus Cameron, Leueen Morgan and Beth Sowter, piano accordion player Iain MacLeod, mandolin and English concertina player Mike Watts and fretless bass player Daniel Brauchlie.
A book of the dance tunes on this CD is also available. A River of Whisky contains dances suitable for the CD and a further 51 tunes composed by Angus.

A River of Whisky
Tunes and dances popular in Northern Tasmania
This book contains all the tunes played on the CD Possums on the Roof plus a further 51 tunes written by Angus Cameron. Angus and Betty Cameron moved from Scotland to Tasmania over 50 years ago. They brought with them a rich tradition of Scottish dance and music which they adapted for the Northern Tasmanian Bush Dances with Betty calling and Angus playing the fiddle and piano accordion. Angus remembered many tunes played by his family in his native Ayreshire.
Angus regularly composed tunes. Many of these were lost as he doesn't read music. As locals started playing his tunes they gradually began to be written down.
His tunes are now being played by the Tassie Tattie Howkers and a CD is available. This book also contains instruction for the 10 dances taken from the CD.
Book size A4, contains over 200 tunes, chords and history.

    Book Price     $15  CSC107 bk


Super Special  Book and CD $20 (River of Whisky and Possums on the Roof)

Begged, Borrowed and Stolen Book Cover Begged Borrowed and Stolen Begged Borrowed and Stolen CD

  For years Begged Borrowed and Stolen has been the most commonly used music book in Australia for session tunes. This book is recommended as the starting point for musicians new to Celtic music.

  It is now available on 3 CDs to assist with the learning of tunes. Each tune in the Book is played twice at about three quarter pace. Ear players will benefit from the clarity of the recording in picking out the tunes while those able to read music will be able to play along with the musicians to assist with rhythm and timing.
The recordings come in a sleeve that can be fixed to the inside of the book. Included is a list of chord and melody variations.

  This fourth CD has been added to the very popular series by requests as players have been wanting to hear the tunes played at dance speed. Ian McLeod, Leueen Morgan and Mike Watts have been joined by Luke Plumb of Shooglenifty, Tim Gleeson, Music Under the Mountains tutors Patrick Lyons, Nicola Fortune, Tasmanian fiddler Angus Cameron and a number of happy talented students from the School.
The Sets can be used for dances and a list of suitable dances has been provided for each track.
You may purchase the CD separately or with the kits above. It is designed to go into the spare CD holder with the other three CDs originally recorded.

We are now offering all 4 CDs for the price of three.

We also have been offered an alphabetical index of the tunes and their page numbers, plus a set of cues to be able to start the tune easily in a session etc. Thanks to Summer School whistle student Frank Basten for putting both these items together and offering them as a gift to readers of BB&S


Begged Borrowed and Stolen Prices

     Book Price     $25    4 CD Price     $40   CSC01 4cd
     The Sets CD Price     $15    Book and 4CD Set   $60 CSC02 bk/4cd

 Cover of Bush Dance double CD Bush Dance
Produced by the Bush Music Club in Sydney, this is a collection of traditional tunes arranged in sets for Bush Bands. There is a extensive listing of background notes on the tunes.
This double CD sold separately contains 39 dance sets from the music contained in the Bush Dance book. Can be a great learning tool to bring your playing up to speed.
Book size - A4, contains 100 pages and includes music, chords and background notes.

    Book Price - $30 SBC01 bk
   Double CD Price - $25 BMC012 2cd


Ten Years Down the Track
A selection of Australian bush dances composed and arranged by Mike Waters and produced by the Bush Music Club in Sydney.
Book size - A4, contains 20 dances, 63 tunes with music and chords.
    Book Price     $26 SBC02 bk


Collected Tunes from Joe Yates and CD Jindi Plays Joe Collected Tunes from Joe Yates
compiled by Mike Martin
Joe Yates tunes have been collected by a number of researchers including Mike Martin. Mike has transcribed many of his tunes in this A5 booket. All tunes listed are played by Mike's band Jindi on the accompanying CD. Both book and CD are well produced with a highlight being Mike Martin's sketches. This is an excellent kit for those wishing to learn some early Australian tunes.
Book Size A5, contains tunes, history and CD.
    Book/CD Price     $25 MM01 bk/cd




Australian Traditional Dance Tunes
Compiled by Dave De Santi with assistance from Jane Brownlee and Alan Musgrove.
This comprehensive book was produced by the Wongawilli Colonial Dance Club. The book contains over 200 tunes collected from early players. The tunes are arranged in sets suitable for the suggested dances.  The aim of this collection is to add to the existing traditional musician's repertoire and to ensure that these unique tunes are are given the opportunity to be played and enjoyed.
Book size A5, contains over 200 tunes, chords and history. The accompanying double Cd contains over 85 tunes arranged in 23 sets for bush dances, is performed by Wongawilli.

Book Price     $40  W304 bk Book sold out but CD still available

  double CD Price     $40   SR34 2cd

Pioneer Performers

The Tunes of Bert Jamieson

    Book Price


PP1 bk


The Tunes of Arthur Bowley

    Book Price


PP2 bk

A Queensland Selection - Vol. 1
Traditional Couples Dances and Tunes of the South-East of Queensland
Compiled by Maria Zann and collected by Mark Schuster

Features Dances and the tunes of the Waltz, Mazurka, Polka, Schottische groups and 20th century sequence dances
Size A4, 40 pages
    Book Price     $10 PP06 bk

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