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Irish Names. by Donnchadh O Corrain.
Defines the structure of Irish music and outlines the role of the pipes, fiddle, harp and sean-nos singing on today's tradition.
Size A5, paperback.

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Scottish Culture

Scottish Gaelic Names for Children book cover Scottish Gaelic Names for Children
This comprehensive book will tell you all you ever wanted to know about Gaelic names; origin, pronunciation and meaning.

Gňrdan (gór'dun) Cognate with Gordon. Derived ultimately from the parish of the same name in Berwickshire, which is Old Brythonic gour-(super) din (fort). Recorded as a sir name in the 13th century. Rob Brus (Robert the Bruce) granted the lordship of Strathbogie in Aberdeenshire to Sir Adhamh de Ghôrdan (Sir Adam de Gordon) who also acquired Kenmure and Lochinvar in Galloway. The two branches of the family were thus established. Górdon was seldom used as a personal name until the death of Seanalair Górdon (General Gordon) at Khartoum in the Sudan (1885) made him a posthumous hero at the expense of Gladstone's popularity.

An excellent read and wonderful resource. 
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This book is now out of print and we hold the only print copies in captivity

Strathspey Players - Past and Present
by William C. Honeyman
First published in 1922, this booklet tells the stories of Niel Gow, Scott Skinner and Peter Milne. The author argues against the dilution of the traditional style of strathspey playing.
Size A6, 51 pages

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Scottish Gaelic

MacLennans Gaelic Dictionary
This is a comprehensive and reliable Scottish Gaelic-English and English-Gaelic Dictionary. It is useful for both fluent Gaelic speakers and learners of the language

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Tog Fonn 2
The second volume of Gaelic songs and traditional Gaelic dance tunes.
Size A5 Gaelic language, melody and chords

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Scottish Gaelic Speakers in Australia

Australian Culture The Songs of Henry Lawson cover

The Songs of Henry Lawson - the Second Edition
 Compiled by Chris Kempster - This Second Edition contains a third more songs than the original.

In 1983 Australian musician and singer/songwriter Chris Kempster published a collection of musical settings of Henry Lawson's poetry. The tunes came, said Chris, from politicians to post hole diggers, from all over Australia and beyond its shores. The fascination with the uniquely Australian perspective Lawson pioneered, along with his singable lyrics, continues today.
This second edition of the Songs of Henry Lawson contains all the settings from the earlier edition, along with 45 new settings collected in 2007.
This book is amazing value and should be on every coffee table and music stand in Australia.
Size A4, 268 pages with wire binding. Contains musical notation and chords for each song, and there are explanatory notes and evocative photographs throughout. This edition retains the introduction by Manning Clarke
Now available from Folk Federation of NSW  www.jam.org.au


Classic Bush Yarns
by Warren Fahey
This is a collection of the folk lore that forms the basis of Australian culture and humour. Although similar to jokes, yarns are quite different. They are descendents of a tradition of story-telling that has all but disappeared. They spin a tale, drawing listeners in and inviting them to meet people like Lazy Len, Dad and Dave, and Sandy the Shearer - the characters who are keys to our past and unique culture.
Size A5, 224  pages, contains yarns.

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