Music Under the Southern Cross
Celtic Southern Cross Summer School

group photo 2014

Thanks Phil Green, concert master and owner of this great photo of us all in 2014

Jan 18th - 23rd 2015

This camp will be followed by Newstead Folk Festival

Campaspe Downs is under new management

Now called PGL Adventure Camp Victoria
(once was Music Not Under the Mountains 2007 and before that, Music Under the Mountains 1999 - 2006)

All bookings for the Celtic Music School must be made through Celtic Southern Cross
Application form etc is a word file - let us know if you can't read it or download it.
This link is to the pdf version of the application form

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Awards that have been won by Summer School students

Information for students

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Instrument Tutor
Scottish Fiddle - Master-class Advanced  and an Intermediate Scottish Fiddle  Class       CLASSES FULL
Chris Duncan  & Emma Nixon
 Irish Fiddle - Intermediate to Advanced 
Dave O'Neill
Scottish Piano - Intermediate to Advanced - Class full
Catherine Strutt
Celtic Guitar - Intermediate to Advanced, regular tuning 1 place remaining
Jeremy Dunlop
Irish Pipes- Intermediate    Class full
Patrick Lyons
English Concertina   - Intermediate   Class full
Mike Watts with Sarah Wade for a few days again. So successful in 2014, she's back again.
Tin Whistle - Intermediate
Andy Rigby
Traditional Singing   - Intermediate  to Advanced
Jane Thompson and James Rigby (the Rainmakers)
Folk Harp - Intermediate  -  Class full
David Alleway
Celtic Mandolin - Intermediate to Advanced  - two places remaining
Luke Plumb

Electives 4.30 -5.30  - free for all who attend the School  
Slow Jam - every evening before main session at night Various tutors and students and many others leading the session. Thanks to Alexa, Naomi, David and Jem for this year's excellent Slow Jam every night.
Clog dancing Jo Cresswell
Many other options under discussion, even a possible ukelele elective, so help us all.

Swimming in the pool - after classes and on Wed. afternoon  
Morning Walk with Lynda Purcell every morning 7.30 - 8am            Lynda Purcell        
Dancing - Scottish and Ceilidh, with a chance for some musicians to play for the real thing and a chance for the rest to get fit and to let off steam after a day of solid concentration in class.

Thanks to Matt Robertson, Kay Callan, John McPhee, Cathy Hutchinson and Caroline Barrell for some great dances in previous years.


Class Accommodation Total
Adult $300

Adult Accomm. only   $430
Under 16 accomm. only   $430
Under 16 (if in a class)





Students are requested to provide a $100 semi-refundable deposit to ensure their place in classes.
I cannot guarantee a place if you do not send in your deposit. Application form etc is a word file

Full payment to be made by December 31st 2014 please.

Email for direct debit details, or to process a credit card, or phone 0363 301886 or send cheque/money order to PO Box 100, Legana 7277


    The  tutors are

Mike Watts - English Concertina (Intermediate -  not total beginners please) Class full

Mike will take the student through the concertina intricacies including scales, tunes and chords, and repair and maintenance. Learn harmonies, rhythms, ornamentation.

Mike returned from a successful musical trip around England and Scotland, where he conducted an English Concertina workshop at the Bromyard Folk Festival.   

His 2008 class saw our first UK student fly out for the class!
This class already filling up rapidly for 2014

david alleway, sarah wade, mike watts

David, Sarah, Mike in the Tutors' Concert 2014



Chris Duncan and  Emma Nixon - Scottish Fiddle Intermediate to Advanced Master Class                    Classes Full

Chris Duncan is described as a “core revivalist” by Ruth Wise in her dissertation on the Australian Scottish fiddle scene. That’s because he started playing Scottish fiddle music in 1975! In 2000 Chris was the winner of a World Music ARIA, and won the National Film and Sound Archive Best Folk Recording in 2007. Chris has a passion for raising the standard of Scottish fiddling in Australia. 

Emma Nixon was a student at Music Under the Southern Cross for several years, learning from Chris Duncan, and traveling around the world to many other traditional music summer schools. In 2008 she completed a Master of Music in Scottish fiddle performance and research at Newcastle University in UK. Emma was awarded Golden Fiddle Awards for Best Fiddle Teacher in 2010 and 2011. In 2012 she won Best Solo Fiddle CD for ‘Chasing the Sunset’ at the Golden Fiddle Awards. Emma is a highly qualified and respected violin/ fiddle teacher in Brisbane, where she also runs the Brisbane Celtic Fiddle Club.

Between them, Chris and Emma have nearly 60 years experience of Scottish fiddle and its music. Performing and teaching at schools, workshops, concerts, dances, ceilidhs, festivals, weddings and more, they have individually been recognised for their music with numerous awards.

       If you want to improve your Scottish fiddle playing, perhaps even your general fiddle playing, then this is the class for you. There’s nothing these musicians cannot help you with!

All tunes are taught by ear. Rhythm, ornaments, harmonies and Scottish style are added as the week progresses. After a combined morning session the class will separate, with Chris and Emma tutoring different aspects of Scottish fiddle music. Music notation is supplied at the end of the school.


catherine strutt, chris duncan, jack wilson  Catherine Strutt - Scottish Piano (Class now full thanks)

Catherine is returning by popular demand, and the class can only have two to three students, so put your name down now. 

Catherine will be teaching the nuances of playing for Scottish dance, for Scottish music in general, and will include harmony, accompaniment, solo work and chord structures.

Catherine is considered to be one of the finest Scottish style piano players in Australia and is well respected as an innovative and sensitive accompanist. She is a natural musician, her intuitive sense of rhythm and colour incomparable



Traditional Singing - James Rigby and Jane Thompson (aka The Rainmakers)

James and Jane did a fantastic job as our singing tutors, with songs long to be remembered and sung

James has been one of our mandolin tutors for several years, and most of the Rigby family have been associated with the School ever since it moved from Tasmania to Victoria.

We welcome them both once again and any of their offspring who wish to join them in the great singing sessions, and look forward to another year of singing excellence.

Daughters Maggie and Elsie won the Lis Johnson Award for singing at the 2011 National Folk Festival and are now part of the amazing MAE Trio who were invited to perform at Celtic Connections in Glasgow this year.
Jane has recently released her solo CD to much acclaim.  Jane and James are also directing the Boite Millenium Chorus this year and will be showcasing this magnificent chorus in September 2014.

Traditional Singing

This class will follow on from our workshop approach of the past three years, with new repertoire and exercises.
• physical and vocal warm-ups
• learn traditional songs and harmony parts
• vocal techniques

• chorus songs
• listening to celtic traditional singers
• improvising
• the singing session

  jane and james 2014

Jane and James during the Tutors' Concert at 2014 School, thanks Phil Green for the photo

Links to things from 2010 School (thank you John and Nicole):
La Turlutte:

and the sing in the pool:


Jeremy DunlopCeltic Guitar - Jeremy Dunlop  

  A Victorian expat, Jem has been a Maleny lad for five years now, and a favoured tutor at the Maleny Celtic Winter School. When not working as a bush regenerator, he can be seen playing guitar with the likes of the Simon Bradley Trio,  Luke Plumb and Laura Targett or fiddling with Musica Viva band Fada or Melbourne based Bulabos.  Jem is a qualified and experienced teacher;

We welcome Jem back  to the School for 2015.
He will be teaching:

*Flat picking jigs and reels.
*Approaches to accompaniment in standard tuning on guitar.
*Simple solo arrangements.
*Chord inversions in standard tuning.
*Right hand rhythms - strumming patterns.
*Listening to the greats.


 Dave O'Neill Intermediate Irish Fiddle tutor  

Dave spent some years in Ireland, and has a sound knowledge of the Irish music, plus is one of the finest tutors we've had at the School.

All tunes are taught by ear, so an ability to pick up tunes easily is essential. This assists players to join in the Irish sessions, where reading from music is not always appreciated. This is an Intermediate to Advanced class so you will be expected to be able to play  tunes such as you would expect in an Irish session, or be competent on the fiddle with a good ability to learn by ear.

Dave is also fun to have as a tutor - the photo right is his guitar class at the final concert, with Paddy Beale leading the way out playing "Loch Lomond"


Luke Plumb - Intermediate to Advanced Celtic Mandolin

luke plumbLuke is proudly Tasmanian and is a member of the Scottish band Shooglenifty and also the Funky String Band.

With 11 albums and numerous other guest appearances under his belt, Luke has cemented his standing in the world of mandolin players. But he is equally at home playing melody on the banjo or accompanying on the bouzouki and guitar. His skills as a session musician have seen Luke playing with musicians from many genres around the world!

A keen composer — his tunes make up most of the latest Shooglenifty album — he also worked on several classical string quartet pieces that premiered in 2006.

His solo debut “A Splendid Notion” was released on Shoogle Records in 2009, and he has several new recording projects in the works!

All tunes are taught by ear, so an ability to pick up tunes easily is essential. This assists players to join in the Irish sessions, where reading from music is not always appreciated.

This is an Intermediate to Advanced class so you will be expected to be able to play  some tunes such as you would expect in an Irish session, or be relatively competent on the mandolin with a good ability to learn by ear.

Luke has a new website.


Pria Schwall-Kearney - Intermediate Canadian Fiddle  -  Sorry, this class has been withdrawn.

 Pria Schwall-Kearney is one of Australia’s most exciting young fiddle players, most known as a member of the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, which she helps teach. Having  returned from a year in Québec and Appalachia studying (and teaching) fiddle and banjo, she’s come back freshly inspired with a heap of new ideas.  Pria has played and taught fiddle and step dance at most festivals around Australia, and in the second half of 2009 toured Australia and New Zealand with the Old Time duo Pigeonwing Strings ( To find out more you can go to                                             

Pria has recorded teaching CDs,  focusing on Québecois and Old Time music

We also wish to thank Sarah Davies for her great contribution of previous years of teaching in this Canadian fiddle class and wish her the very best with her growing family.

Patrick Lyons - Beginner to Intermediate Uilleann Pipes  Class is full thank you

Pat began on the Irish pipes in 1979, when he purchased the first flat set made by Geoff Wooff. patrick lyons pipe tutor

Growing up in an Irish family with music and dance as a given, it is only natural that he would have done something like that. Though largely self-taught (there was no other way), he picked up plenty of tips from pipers Declan Affley, Geoff Wooff, Ian Mackenzie, and Ronnie Wathen. And he learned a lot of music from other musicians, John Carty (fiddle, flute), Marcus Hernon (flute), Eilish O'Connor (fiddle), Máire Ní Chaoimh (fiddle), Páraic Mac Donncha (banjo), and John Hoban (singer), while they were resident in Australia. He can be a bit of a purist, which is no bad thing.

This class is for intermediate-to-advanced players. Pupils must be competent in playing airs and dance tunes (size of repertoire not important), but they do not need to have the fine details. Attention will be paid to improving tone, getting around the tricky bits, and understanding how pipering relates to other aspects of traditional Irish music, especially sean-nós singing.


Andy Rigby - Tin Whistle and Flute - Intermediate

Andy started his musical career as a Celtic whistle player, and is now an iconic figure in the folk scene as a superb harpist, playing both Celtic and Paraguayan harp styles, as a harp maker of world renown, and as a flute and whistle player. He has made his mark around the country teaching the Kwela whistle style of South Africa, but will be concentrating on the Celtic Whistle for our School.

Andy has been a member of the bands "Moving Harps" and "Blackwood" and currently his musical partnership is with the wonderful singer Polly Christie. We welcome Andy to our School as a tutor, although he has been a regular visitor to the School from it's very first year in 1999 when he came to Tasmania and became part of the legendary session that continued until 5am on the final night.

This class will be an Intermediate class so it is essential that you can play some jigs, reels and the occasional polka and slow air. You will be taught by ear, and will be given the ornaments and skills to make the tunes dance and sound really Irish.  

  andy rigby 2014

   Many thanks to Phil Green for this photo of Andy playing in the Slow Jam 2014

David Alleway - Celtic Harp - Intermediate folk harp. Class is full, thank you

The Irish Harp, Scots Harp, Scottish Harp, Gaelic Harp or Clarsach has been at the core of traditional music for centuries.
David was a member of the well known trio Moving Harps and currently plays with the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club and performs an early
years music show in schools around Victoria.  David is well known for his enthusiastic approach to this instrument and his classes are
harp class 2011 structured to allow for players of different skill levels. 
This is a great opportunity for harpists to develop a closer relationship with Celtic and folk rhythms and ornamentation. 
Plus it will be a great deal of fun. David is able to provide harps for several students if you do not have your own as yet.
Depending upon the level at which the participants are already playing the following areas will be covered.

1 Basic harp technique, tuning, finger pacement & posture
2 History of Celtic Harp in Celtic music
3 Playing melody lines, tune decoration in different styles
4. Accompanying other melody players: working out chords and how to play them in different styles
5. Tuning to play with bagpipes, Irish and Scottish and chordal accompaniment styles
6. Accompanying singers
7 Accompanying yourself singing 8 Arranging tunes from basic melody lines




Information for students

All bed linen and doonas are provided - you do not need to bring bedding

What to bring

The essentials to remember to bring are: mozzie zapper that plugs in, fan (it can get hot), towels, soap, swimming gear etc. Wet weather gear - watch the forecast. It rained for the whole week last year, but we had perfect weather in 2012 and 2013.  However, 2014 was HOT.

There will be no fridges in the rooms this year, so you may wish to bring eskies or a car fridge for your cheeses for the nosh up on Thursday afternoon.

A recorder will also be a good idea to record the tunes as you will be learning by ear. You might like to bring your own coffee plunger. David Alleway will be selling organic, fair trade coffee at a good Schoolie price.
The nearest shops are 7kms away in Kyneton. Someone will make daily trips to Kyneton.

Anyone wishing to sleep outside at night will need to bring their own bedding as no cabin bedding may be removed from cabins.

Check out the photos of some of the weird and wonderful HATS (2010) and HATS (2011) that appeared at dinner time each night. If any student has a photo I'd love to see them please.



The way the School works

Registrations start at 2pm in the Conference Room at Campaspe Downs, and students are encouraged to arrive before 6pm when dinner starts. 

We finish on the Friday, with a concert at 10.15, open to the public, then lunch at 12.30, and we farewell MUSC around 1.30pm.

Classes run from 9am - 4pm Mon, Tues and Thurs and from 9am - 12.30pm on Wednesday. The Wednesday afternoon is free for practice, swimming, walking, sightseeing whatever.

The classes are dedicated, meaning that students don't move between different classes during the week. The tutors plan the week to develop skills, once a tune has been learnt by ear. Emphasis is on playing by ear, where ornamentation, rhythm, lilt, harmonies etc are all added as the week progresses.

All classes are of an Intermediate to Advanced standard. Students are expected to be able to play their chosen instrument well enough to be able to capitalize on learning the ornamentation etc, rather than just learning to cope with their instrument. Students are encouraged to learn by ear to help them join in sessions more easily. Sheet music is usually not given out until the end of the School, if at all.

On Monday, Tues and Wed afternoons from 4.30-5.30 Jo Cresswell has offered to teach us all to clog amazingly.

Quite often an impromptu fiddle class or Gaelic language class or step dancing class may erupt, just to keep things on the move.

We have a slow jam session every evening before the main sessions, to allow players to pick up some of the more commonly played session tunes, and to reinforce tunes learned in past years at the School.  Students who have gone on to become assistant tutors take the lead in these sessions. An Intermediate Scottish session precedes the regular Scottish session, after this.

The School is for the students, so "drop ins" are not encouraged, as the sessions are an integral part of the students' training within the School setting.           
All ex-schoolies are always welcome however, just let Beth know if you'd like to visit

view of lake at Campaspe Downs

Travelling to Campaspe Downs


The trains run regularly from Southern Cross Station to Bendigo and stops at Kyneton. Someone will pick you up from the Kyneton station after 2.00pm on the Sunday - let Beth know your times please.


The shuttle bus from the airport leaves at 9.30, 11.30 1.00,  3.15 to Bendigo stops at Kyneton. It is essential you book this bus before hand. PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME - 1pm departure from airport.  This one and the 3.15 are the best to catch as we can pick you up in Kyneton at 2pm and 4.15pm quite easily. Any earlier and you'll need to wait til the 2pm pickup.

Check out the new prices and times at

For enquiries or bookings call  03 5444 3939. It is essential to book your travel - do not rely on there being space if you do not book. The website of the Bendigo-Airport Bus Service will offer further information for you.

On arrival at Melbourne go downstairs outside the International terminal, go across the first roadway, to the bus pickup section, and look for a white Toyota Bendigo- Airport Shuttle Bus.

It takes about one hour from the airport. Someone will pick you up in Kyneton from the Information centre if you let Beth know when and where.


For those interested in the musician's luggage issue, here's the official media release from Qantas - it's not on the Qantas website, but posted online on the WA Music Industry Association (WAM) website at:

There's a phone number and two email addresses on it  - and it is recommended that you take the letter with you for check-in.


Registrations commence at 2pm in the Green Room within the Conference Centre and the welcome dinner will be at 6pm, followed by a tutor's concert and a monster session.

The organisers accept no liability for any accident, illness or damage to any persons, instruments or property whatsoever during this event; the organisers reserve the right to cancel the event, or change instructors, classes and schedules at their discretion. Any payments will be refunded if the event is cancelled.

Scholarship being offered by the Folk Federation of Tasmania to a Tasmanian to attend the School. Check out the new page for this Scholarship

A Scholarship offered by the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club will be awarded and thanks to the MSFC for such strong support over the years.

A Scholarship offered by the National Folk Festival for a School student to attend a Master Class at the Easter Summer School in 2008 was awarded to Julie Edwards to continue her studies with Catherine Strutt on keyboards.

The National offered a venue for a concert of Schoolies in 2009 at the Merry Muse on Sat. 10am - 12noon.  Phil and Susan Green  co-ordinated this concert and IT WAS FANTASTIC, thank you one and all. 

Newstead Folk Festival which followed right after the School in 2010  opened a 2.5 hour concert spot on Saturday evening for students and tutors from this year's School. Top talent on show included Luke Plumb, Cloudstreet, Dave O'Neill, David Alleway, Emma Nixon, The Threads (the Fooks with a change of guitarist), Duncan Chalmers, Pigeonwing Strings, Lachlan and Phil Green, plus massed singers and masses fiddles from the classes. It was superb, thank you Andrew for inviting us.

Mike and Beth would also like to thank all the wonderful photographers who over the years have supplied us with additional photos from the School. Catherine Strutt, Phil Green, Duncan Chalmers, Katy O'Leary, Sue O'Leary, Tim Barker, Geraldine Triffitt,  Melinda Gilkes,  Kalle Liberts, Elizabeth Viney, Brian Howard, Elke Frank, Maria Perez-Pulido, Mark Wallace and if there are any I've forgotten I apologise.  I'm sure you'll let me know

Many thanks to Duncan Chalmers in 2008 for writing and singing the introductory song at the welcome dinner on the Sunday night. He'd made the mad dash from the Illawarra Folk Festival to be in time for the dinner, and welcomed our friends and tutors with THIS song

Duncan was also the judge for the T-shirt competition in 2008, won by Sarah Barker, with the people's choice won by Guy Dean. You can make your own decision as some of the T-shirts are on show HERE. I couldn't get photos of all of the shirts over the week, but there were some absolute crackers, and thanks to all of you for getting into the spirit of the game.    Hats were again the theme for 2011 HATS (2010) and HATS (2011).    Vests for 2012, Neckwear for 2013 and T-shirts for 2014

Declan Affley Award

2010 String Contingent with Chris Stone and Holly Downes past students
2009   Khalida de Ridder from the Atherton Tablelands, assistant tutor 2006
2008  Ruth Wise - Margaret River, W.A (fabulous Wise Family member and now a tutor at the School)
2007    Tom de Ridder from the Atherton Tablelands
2000   Leueen Morgan - Tasmania, an assistant tutor at our School in 2007 and 2008

Chris Wendt Award

2010 Evelyn's Secret (formerly DRAM) - Bendigo
2008    Jack Wilson - Melbourne
2007 Khalida de Ridder - Atherton Tablelands
2000 Spootiskerry (Sarah Davies, Evan Davies, David Foster)

Lis Johnson Award (Singing)

2011 Maggie and Elsie Rigby - Victoria

Westbury St. Patrick's Day Celtic Competition Award

This was a major event in the Tasmanian Irish music calendar, and over the 10+ years of it's existence there have been five Summer School students (or tutor) take out the prestigious first place in the competition.
2008  Bridget Hickey - Tasmania  (Damien Hingston was a very close second and he was our Novice Piping Tutor for 2009)
2007  Sirocha Bruckard - Tasmania
2006 Khalida de Ridder, - Queensland, an assistant at our School in 2006
2000 Leueen Morgan - Tasmania, an assistant at our School in 2007 and 2008
1999 Kathy Hickey, whistle tutor at our School for quite a few years

Paddy O'Neill Award at Koroit

2008 DRAM- features 5 of our Schoolies, Brigid & Hilary Glaisher, Jenny McKecknie, Anita Hillman and Corey Henderson

Maity Swallow Award 2009 at Koroit
Jenny McKecknie

Golden Fiddle Award at Tamworth for Best Fiddle Teacher 2010 and 2011
Emma Nixon (and best fiddle CD 2012)

Awards at Tamworth
2010 Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club for their CD, plus our two tutors Matt Robertson and Pria Schwall-Kearney for their original tune
2011 String Contingent with Chris Stone and Holly Downes both past students at this School
- best fiddle and CD
2012 Emma Nixon Best solo fiddle CD

2013 Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club for best CD, plus best tune

Folk Alliance Award at the National Folk Festival 2012 and Tamworth Youth Award 2013
Rhiannon Fenn and Monique Bartkowiak  (photo right)

National Folk Festival FAA Award 2013
The MAE Trio (Maggie and Elsie Rigby and Anita Hillman) (photo left courtesy Steve Coles)

Other happenings of special interest

Virginia Botha has written a suite of music that is being presented in Sydney and New York.

The MAE Trio and Tolka onstage at Celtic Connections and around Scotland in January 2014.

Tolka won a top Award at the National Folk Festival 2014

MAE Trio won the National Film and Archive Award for best CD for 2014

We are so proud of you all

The FOLK FEDERATION OF TASMANIA is supporting a Tasmanian musician to attend the 2015 School with a $500 scholarship
All can apply but preference will be given to applicants under 19. Entries will close September 30th 2014.
If a class is full, apply anyway as we will accommodate a recipient of this scholarship.
 (available from FFT website - if this is unavailable just write a bunch of stuff and send it to Beth, PO Box 100 Legana 7277)

Spotted at the 2012 National Folk Festival - how many schoolies are in this photo?


Some links of interest

Music Under the Southern Cross Facebook - ask Mike by email to join you up if you have registered at the School and  wish to chat and find out what's happening with the School. Some fantastic photos of the 2012 school are up there
Other fiddle Schools

Maleny Celtic Winter School - run by Cloudstreet with help from many friends. A fantastic weekend

Sunshine Fiddle Camp, Queensland, September

Spring Fiddle Weekend, South Australia October 2013

 Southern Hemisphere International School of Scottish Fiddle (SHISSF) in New Zealand

Sabhal Mor Ostaig - Summer School on Skye

New Brunswick Fiddle Camp - Ivan Hicks, New Brunswick, Canada

Fiddle Clubs around Australia

Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club - supporters of the School with a Scholarship offer

Brisbane Celtic Fiddle Club - Brisbane - many of our Schoolies are in this group

Sydney Scottish Fiddlers - Sydney Schoolies in this group

Moreton Celtic Fiddle Club - Melinda Gilkes and many schoolies

 Canberra Scottish Fiddlers - many of our Schoolies are in this group including tutor Lachlan Green

Folk Federation of Tasmania - supporters of the School with a $500 Scholarship offer

Trouble in the Kitchen - top Aussie Irish band, tutored at 2008 Celtic Summer School
Na Piobairi Uilleann - Pipers Club Ireland - thanks to NPU for supporting our Celtic Summer School 2007


Newstead Folk Festival - Not to be missed. Our School finishes on Friday 23rd, Newstead starts Friday afternoon, 23rd Jan. So book in now to Maldon Caravan Park for accommodation, only 10 mins drive from Newstead.

 National Folk Festival  - Easter in Canberra - great place for Schoolies to get together for blackboard gigs.

Cygnet Folk Festival - Tasmania's premier folk festival in the south of the State
George Town Folk Festival - Tasmania's premier folk festival in the north of the State. Actually it's the Tamar Valley Folk Festival but everyone calls it the George Town Folk Festival
Daniel Brauchli instrument maker Tasmania - guitars and mandolins of superb quality
Set Dancing in Canberra
Discover Tasmania - even though the School is no longer here


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david alleway in slow jam

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A peaceful lake at Campaspe downs






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